We all have someone we turn to for advice, suggestions, reviews, and computer help. Me, I happen to be that someone for many of my friends. Not too long ago, one of them asked me, “do you have a website where you put all these great tips?”

ResidentMediaPundit.com is meant to be a resource for opinions and insight into media of all kinds: books, TV, music, movies, computers, the web, and anything that catches our interest. Please contribute to the comments and become a pundit yourself.

Meet the Pundits

JoeRMP Joe Hill calls the red clay of Athens, Georgia home. He navigates the world of high finance by day and worlds of his own imagining by night. Being a Resident Media Pundit is but one distraction keeping him from completing the next great American novel.

PhilRMP Phil Norman is a family man who lives in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. His day job finds him doing web development and public relations, but in real life he is a songwriter and musician.

GregRMP Greg Robson, an Elon University graduate, and former Long Island journalist is a marketing assistant living in Seminole County, FL. More of his music reviews can be found at Greg Robson.net, They’ve Never Heard of You Either and at Absolute Punk. Follow him on Twitter.

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