Tonight on WLIW, the station premieres Shoreline Sonata a mixed-media celebration of Long Island’s coastline, from the Gold Coast North Shore to the Great South Bay to Montauk, the North Fork and even the Kings Park coastline, Shoreline Sonata presents exquisite and breathtaking vistas of Long Island’s most unique features. Laced with a stirring soundtrack comprised of Louis Armstrong’s “Summer Song,” to Brandenburg’s “O Mio Caro,” the documentary features works by Long Island poets like Huntington icon Walt Whitman, as well as lyrics by Long Island–based songwriters Billy Joel and Jimmy Webb. Broken down into three movements, the score is mostly classical and the scenery never short of stunning. Being that I’m a native Long Islander who still works and lives here, I’m obviously partial, but anyone who has a maritime complex or a love for the coast will find something endearing, special and magical about this. For more details about the show, visit the Web site.

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