In two days the Rochester rock band The Sunstreak will host a CD Release Party at Water Street Music Hall. The clincher? The venue is sold out. Not exactly an easy task for a 1,300-person venue. Additionally, the quintet is doing the unthinkable. Amidst a recession and without any radio airplay, they are giving away a copy of their record free to every attendee. Does this band love their fans or what?

Signed to Billy Mann’s Stealth Entertainment record label, The Sunstreak wield a delicate line between robust rock (think Canadian rock band Default) and sweetly melodic rock (think The Beatles or for a more contemporary angle The Killers). Tinged with a splash of snyth, their new album Once Upon a Lie is an impressive upstart release. So strong in fact that it’s highly probable the majors quickly take notice. Vocalist Tony Rebs is a dynamo and sings with both emotion and conviction. He manages to connect with his lyrics in a way few vocalists do these days. He seems to believe and feel what he’s singing, which isn’t always the case in contemporary music. Moreover, drummer Gary Foster pounds the drums and bassist Jason Starkis attacks his instrument with a tenacity and ferocity that takes rhythm to a whole new level.

To date the band has shared the stage with Candlebox and played on the 2006 and 2008 Vans Warped Tour. Their song “Here I Go Again” is featured on the game “Tap Tap Revenge,” a Guitar-Hero like application available on the iPhone. To date they remain only the second band in recorded history to post on the Billboard charts without a distribution deal, landing at #33 on the Top Independent Albums and #30 on Heatseekers. They sold 10,000 copies of their EP “Top Secret,” and also sold 25,000 units of their self-produced LP in just two months. The band is a hit on-line with more than 21,000 Myspace friends and more than 966,000 downloads and were featured in’s “You Might Have Missed Section.”

Armed with confidence, polish and clarity, the Rochester quintet has a knack for writing songs that are aurally confectious and long-lasting and it seems almost assured the band will find the spotlight in the very near future.

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