let my people go
Reuben Steiner (Nicholas Maury) is a gay French mailman living in Finland with his lover Teemu (Jarkko Niemi). But when a sudden turn of events and a lover’s quarrel leads to their demise, Reuben flies home to be with his family in Paris for passover. But once there, his quirky family threatens to bring him asunder. Whether its his ultra-proud uncle who wants him to carry on the family dry-cleaning business, his lothario father (Jean-Francois Stevenin) who doesn’t understand him, his over-bearing mother (Carmen Maura), or his bully of a brother (Clement Sibony), Reuben is torn in many a direction.

A hysterical romp about Judaism, gay romance and the zaniness of dysfunctional families, Let My People Go! is hilarious, delightful and sweetly affecting. Mikael Buch’s film, his first full-length feature, premiered in France in December of 2011, before embarking on the festival circuit. The film makes its New York debut this weekend, and then hits Los Angeles next weekend. To follow Mikael Buch on Twitter, head here.

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