Dear Citizens,

The American Red Cross and its volunteers work every day to help save lives or rebuild lives that have been shattered by disaster — whether it is down the street, across the country or around the world. Since 1943, every president has declared March to be Red Cross Month across the country. During this month, we thank those supporters whose generosity helps us continue our service to those who need us, every day. The Red Cross responded following the Haiti earthquake in January, working to turn despair into hope. With the recent earthquake in Chile, the Red Cross has contributed funds to help relief efforts down there.

Yet we can’t do it alone, so I would ask that Americans see Red Cross Month as a great time to become involved with the Red Cross. Please consider signing up for a CPR, first aid or other Red Cross course; give a financial gift that can save the day when the next disaster strikes; or become involved as a volunteer — the lifeblood of our organization.

Ultimately, the American Red Cross response begins with you.

The American Red Cross

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