Getting to Know: Augustines


One of my favorite rock bands over the last decade is New York City trio Augustines. Marrying Springsteen-esque grit with U2-esque reach, Augustines has something for everyone. The band’s first two albums has garnered praise from the likes of Frightened Rabbit and Counting Crows, among others. Their latest album This Is Your Life is easily their best to date and will hopefully (fingers crossed) vault the band to larger stages. Frontman Billy McCarthy took a few minutes to answer a few questions. Read more…

Twelve Questions With Red Sun Rising


Ohio quartet Red Sun Rising achieved a rather spectacular feat earlier this year when their song “Emotionless” went to #1, making them the first independent artist to have two #1 active rock singles from their debut album on Mediabase. “Emotionless” follows in the heels of lead single “The Otherside.”

Earlier this spring, the band took a few minutes out of a busy schedule to answer some questions. Read more…

Young Mister Shines On New LP

Let’s face it: these days finding an album that’s good from front to back is quite a challenge. Every once in awhile, a disc comes across the RMP desk that’s strong from start to finish. Though there have been a few this year worth mentioning, few shine as bright as the self-titled album from Charleston, SC’s Steven Fiore, who performs under the name Young Mister. Read more…

Three Cheers for D.C’s Wylder


Rain and Laura, the debut album from Washington, D.C. sextet Wylder is a sterling record of melodic chamber folk with winsome arrangements and enough staying power to vault this band beyond their Mid-Atlantic home base. Self-described as indie-folk for indie folks, Rain and Laura drips with the same creative hallmarks that have allowed indie-folk acts like Grizzly Bear, Phosphorescent and Peasant to achieve critical acclaim. Read more…

Must Know: San Francisco’s Mosaics


I don’t keep up with the California music scene, but I do know this much, Mosaics are a band to watch. Below is a link to their song “Year of Valor” and hot damn is it good.

Year of Valor

Fingerpicked acoustics, slick production, and entrancing vocals from Maryam Sadeghian are the hallmarks of this must-listen. Cylindrical, woozy and sweetly affecting, “Year of Valor” is a triumph from a band that’s hitting their stride at just the right time. Dream-pop just might have a new titan in Mosaics. Songs this good don’t come around regularly.

Mark Erelli Shines on For a Song


He’s been called the American male equivalent to Neko Case, has opened up for Faith Hill and calls Josh Ritter and Paula Cole close friends and yet nine albums into his career, Mark Erelli has still yet to become a household name.

All that’s about to change. Read more…

Ben Cosgrove Shines Again on Field Studies

Field Studies is the latest album from Massachusetts-based musician Ben Cosgrove and much like its predecessor its a staggering work of resplendent beauty. Read more…

Ben Frost’s Aurora

Are albums intended to be inspirational or are they just catharsis? Or is it a lot more complicated than that? Read more…

A Summer’s Tale: U.S. Premiere is Worth the Wait

In another summer film season chock full of derivative tent-pole escapism and banal comedic schlock, the long-awaited U.S. premiere of Eric Rohmer’s A Summer’s Tale has been a most welcome escape. Eric Rohmer’s film, which debuted in New York City six days ago, is a cinematic tour-de-force that charms and marvels from the very first frame. The film, which premiered in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes in 1996, is the third entry in Rohmer’s Tales of the Four Seasons project and the only one that had never been released theatrically in America. Despite the near two-decade wait, its arrival on American shores must not to be overlooked. Read more…

Old-School Crooning Takes Center Stage

Performing songs from what they call the Great American Songbook, Chicago quartet Under the Streetlamp crooned effortlessly through an 80 minute set last night at the King Center for Performing Arts in Melbourne, FL. Read more…

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